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"Getting you back doing the things you love in the shortest amount of time. That's the goal at Victory Chiropractic."


Contact us today and discover why Dr. Darius Veleas is the chiropractor in Orange County, serving Mission Viejo, Ladera Ranch, Coto de Caza, Laguna Niguel, and surrounding areas. Dr. Veleas has become the preferred and trusted choice for helping patients get better faster, and stay well longer.
Never be a Number
You should never feel like you're just another number being rushed in and out of any chiropractic office. A typical follow up visit with Dr. Veleas generally lasts about 20-30 minutes.This is ample time for any chiropractic treatment, to answer any questions or concerns that you may have, and it allows time for instruction of any home exercises or stretches that the doctor feels are necessary. At Victory Chiropractic, we are small by design, and give personal care that patients should expect.
Proficient in multiple Chiropractic treatments
Your doctor should be proficient in Applied Kinesiology, along with other Chiropractic services. Applied Kinesiology is the art of manual muscle testing to diagnose what is going on with the patient. Did you know that low back pain can actually be caused by a problem in your foot? If you are someone who is a marathon runner or someone who is on your feet a lot during the day, your low back pain can be originating from somewhere entirely different from someone who has a similar pain but sits at a desk all day long.
Never a hard-sale
Your chiropractor should never try a hard sell approach to visits or supplements, and you should not be told that you need to come in several times a week for a very long time. This is old school thinking, and it would actually depress Dr. Veleas if you need to come in this much. Not because he doesn't like you, but because it means that he is not doing his job! He will make his recommendations on a treatment plan, and he will occasionally recommend vitamin supplements, but you are always allowed to make your own decision based on what you feel comfortable with.

Call Dr. Veleas at 949-328-7842 today so I can start getting you back to optimal health! We are more than just a Chiropractor, we want you to reach your full health potential. See our current specials

Unleash Their Inner Superhero by Dr. Veleas

Dr. Veleas wrote this book to help parents, just like him, that want to create a lifelong habit with their kids of being active and in good health. Read More

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