“Why should I choose Victory Chiropractic? What do you do that’s different from everyone else?”
First, we will never offer you any drugs or surgery. In addition, we offer a wholistic, individualized approach to health care. Your entire body operates together as one functioning unit. Here is an example: If you go into a typical chiropractic office with knee pain, the doctor may examine you and then adjust your spine, claiming that the nerves from your spine innervate the muscles of your knee. Although this is true, this is not looking at the whole picture. Dr. Veleas will examine your knee, low back, and even your feet. He will test all the muscles that support these joints, looking for weakness in muscle function. He will then figure out why these muscles aren’t working properly (maybe from decreased nerve supply, poor lymphatic drainage, or poor nutrition- every patient is different). He will then treat each individual patient based on his findings.

“Do you just adjust patients and send them on their way?”
No. We do lots of hands on treatment. If your spine is out and we just adjust you without addressing the muscles that pull your spine out of alignment, your adjustment will never hold. Because we dedicate more hands on time treating you each patient visit, we are able to get you back to normal much faster so that you can perform your activities of daily living sooner.

“How long is a typical patient visit?”
An initial patient visit generally lasts 45 minutes to an hour. This includes a consultation and examination, as well as treatment. After that, a follow up visit is about 20-30 minutes. We are very comprehensive.

“I want to come in and get treated, but I don’t want to have my neck cracked. Can you fix me without all the noise?”
Absolutely- you will not receive any type of treatment that you are not comfortable with. While Dr. Veleas does perform the typical chiropractic adjustment which usually results in a popping sound, he does have some patients who feel uncomfortable with that. In these cases, Dr. Veleas has several other techniques that he can use to accomplish the same result of pain relief. Don’t worry- simply inform Dr. Veleas of your concerns, and he will come up with a treatment plan to suit your needs.

“What is that popping sound anyway?”
The sound from a chiropractic adjustment is actually gas being released from within the joint. It is kind of like removing a suction cup. When your joint becomes stuck, air gets trapped inside that joint, and the adjustment restores motion in that joint. The result is the release of this gas, which causes a popping sound.

“I have heard that once I go to the chiropractor, I have to go back all the time forever. Is this true? I don’t want to get addicted!”
There are some chiropractors, unfortunately, who will pressure you to come in 2-3 times per week for a very long time. There was even an episode of the Simpsons about this! Well, at Victory Chiropractic, there is never any pressure or scare tactic used to force you to come in any more than needed. There are some patients who are very active (the typical athlete)- some of these patients do like to come in for an adjustment once a week during the sports season. This is because they are constantly putting severe stress on their bodies, and chiropractic adjustments can improve their athletic performance. But lots of our patients injure themselves, come in just a couple of times until they are pain free, refer their friends, and then they don’t return until they hurt themselves again (hopefully never!).

“I hurt my shoulder and knee. Can you do anything for that, or do chiropractors just work on backs?”
Dr. Veleas is a wholistic doctor. He treats people with pain everywhere- shoulders, knees, feet, jaw, elbows, hands, etc. In fact, sometimes people even have low back pain due to imbalances in their feet! If someone twists an ankle and is on their feet all day, the rest of their body will compensate for the instability in their ankle- this can result in low back pain. So, of course we work on shoulders and knees! We have to look at the whole picture to get you better and keep you that way.

“Do you accept insurance?”
We accept most PPO insurance. We also accept auto accident and workers compensation cases.

“I’m in pain, but the economy stinks, and I can’t afford much. Will you work with me?”

For patients with little or no insurance coverage, flexible payment programs can be arranged. We will work to fit any budget.

“I went to a chiropractor before, and he wanted me to pay a couple thousand dollars so that I could come in routinely throughout the year. Do you do this?”

No. Come in and try us out. If you don’t like it, don’t come back. If you are happy with your care, refer your friends. There are no hard selling tactics here.

“On the first visit, will you take x-rays?”
We will recommend an x-ray only if it is medically necessary. If the doctor suspects something out of the ordinary, such as a fracture in the case of trauma, the doctor will recommend taking an x-ray. Some chiropractors take x-rays on every new patient visit as a way to educate the patient about their spine. Although this education may be beneficial in some cases, it is very easy to be standing a certain way that will cause a variation in the curvature of your spine. Even worse, you are subjecting the body to radiation. Although it is a low dose of radiation, no radiation is good for you. And in this case, the risk is not worth the reward. Dr. Veleas would not want this done to himself, so he would not do it to his patients.

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